Media Screening Rooms

Dedicated media screening rooms are still as relevant today as they were a decade ago.  Basic audio visual technologies have become affordable so more people have access to them.  High end services are available for the client that wants a truly one of a kind experience.  Bay Tech’s approach to a theater is an inclusive process.  We will discuss interior design features, furniture, wall treatments, audio visual, and the content you most want to experience.  It can include first run movies without the sticky soda laden floor.  These projects are a labor of love.  We put our heart in to bring out the soul of the experience you desire.  We are excited to start the design process with you now!

Huddle Rooms & Training Facilities

Imagine you need a simple room that has basic AV-IT technologies to get an impromptu meeting going. What room is available?  Do I need an expensive proprietary interface to control the equipment?  Audio visual, unified communications, and information technology have intersected allowing technology design and engineering firms to bring innovative solutions to our clients.  With management platform solutions, you can check availability, book, and assign roles to team members within your organization.  This can provide much needed analytics to management members to see resource utilization and human resource patterns.  Multi function devices, such as open platform based phone systems, have the ability to act as user interfaces to control technologies in the space.  Let’s discuss your upcoming project.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications is the latest marketing term describing how we get in touch with one another.  UC bridges messaging, ip telephones, and mobile communications into a platform for enterprise, SOHO, and residential applications.  This platform lends itself to have a robust feature set that is easily deployed.  The organization can then choose what services they would like to you in their business and hardware can be selected accordingly.  Bay Tech has the resources the deploy a business class solution in a relatively short amount of time.  If you already have a phone number and want to upgrade to today’s communication technologies, we can assist in that process, too.  Let’s begin!

Environmental Controls

Did you know that your HVAC system can account for nearly 50 percent of your utility costs? Most homeowners don’t utilize schedules so they never get to take advantage of these cost saving features. It doesn’t make sense to cool down your home when no one is home. It doesn’t make you comfortable to come home to an uncomfortable home. At Bay Tech, we offer user friendly solutions that will have minimal involvement, but maximum savings. These solutions include Nest and Ecobee. These products interface with home automation systems and some are even Apple HomeKit enabled will work with Siri!

IP Camera Systems

IP Cameras can be an affordable way to monitor and record any activity on your property.  These systems offer the owner a secure way to review any activity that has happened on their premises. When designing your system, we consider many factors.

Things to consider include

  1. How many cameras to cover the surveillance area
  2. How much recording time is needed
  3. Cameras designed for low light conditions, license plate readers, or pan tilt zoom capabilities
  4. Ability to monitor and review from a smart phone or tablet off property

Distributed Audio

Whether it’s background music for a dinner party, or a full on dance party in your back yard, Bay Tech can design a solution that keeps the tunes going.  Our systems are designed for years of entertainment in a full range of lifestyle conditions.  By carrying a variety of speaker solutions, we can offer our clients portable weather resistant speakers, hidden in wall speakers, or hi fidelity bookshelf speakers.  Did you know that you can have a speaker that can have a veneer to match your hardscape or home’s exterior?  Look at Stealth Acoustic’s Stingray Series and contact us to design your backyard oasis.


Our quality designs and installations wouldn't be worth anything without the highest level of customer service we can offer.  We appreciate the positive feedback our customers have shown us that led to Bay Tech winning the 2015 Best of Houzz Service Award.  

The reviews on the right were from projects that varied in scope from a single television install in a kitchen, to a full whole house automation update including a theater refresh.  All of our customers are treated with the same amount of respect on their project no matter what the scope.  We realize you can choose to work with anybody and we thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.  Let's Begin


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